Methods of Growing

Earth Beds vs. Container Growing

Greenhouses often utilize a combination of growing methods. Earth beds, benches, trellises, and containers can all be utilized and dedicated to growing. Container gardening is less physical in nature; children and the elderly can easily tend to potted plants stored on benches. This is beneficial because bending and kneeling, which is required for earth growing, can be strenuous. Pest and weed maintenance is easier to control when plants are individually potted. Both earth beds and pots lend themselves to the cultivation of many plants.

Traditional greenhouses grow plants in containers, but earth beds can also be incorporated. This is a method of growing where plants are propagated directly in the ground. Earth bed growing is a simple solution and emulates outdoor beds, depending on the foundation. Plants benefit from the extra space and do not have to be repotted as they grow.


greenhouse single trellisgreenhouse stacked trellisSolar Innovations, Inc. offers custom aluminum trellises, which eliminate rotting or rusting. The trellis consists of cross tie aluminum wire enclosed within a frame. Two options are available: single or stacked. A single trellis is a traditional trellis, where the unit is only one section. Stacked trellises are shorter trellises connected by chain, aligned atop each other. Trellises can be as tall as needed and are appropriate for interior and exterior gardens. The framing is provided in a mill finish, but it can be custom painted.

 Greenhouse Benches

Benches are a staple accessory in a greenhouse, as they enhance the amount of growing space. Benches come in standard sizing from other manufacturers, but Solar Innovations, Inc. creates custom size benches to fit any configuration.

greenhouse potting benchPotting Benches

Potting benches are used as work stations and can be used to repot flowers, store tools, and display plants.



greenhouse rolling benchRolling Benches

Rolling benches have fixed legs and an expandable top, which extends growing space into the aisles and can be retracted when not in use.


greenhouse tiered benchTiered Benches

Tiered benches can stand three levels tall and can be placed above or under a fixed bench. Low light plants grow well under bench tiers.


greenhouse fixed benchFixed Benches

Fixed benches are a staple in greenhouses. They are inoperable and are available with Mahogany, galvanized steel mesh, or black polyethylene crosshatched tops.


greenhouse seedling benchSeedling Benches

Seedling benches are raised beds on legs which allow you to grow plants directly in the soil. The bench has a solid bottom and can be designed to accommodate varying depths of soil.


greenhouse gravel benchGravel Benches

Gravel benches consist of a solid bench top, which is filled with gravel and water. This is an ideal bench for humidity loving plants such, as tropicals and orchids.


 Greenhouse Shelving

Installing shelving is another way to expand your greenhouse’s growing area. The units can be placed directly in front of a window, on a solid wall, or located high on the eaves. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers several different types of shelving (shown below).

greenhouse open grate shelvingOpen Grate Shelves

Open grate shelving units are practical and affordable. They allow optimal air flow and are easy to maintain. Tops are available in galvanized steel mesh or black polyethylene plastic.


greenhouse wood shelfWooden Shelves

Wood shelving inserts are traditional English greenhouse elements made of hardwood species, like Mahogany and Cedar. These slats can be stained or left in their natural state.


greenhouse metal bracket shelvingMetal Bracket Shelves

Metal bracket shelving supports are an economical choice, have a functional appearance, and can be mounted above or below the shelf.


greenhouse decorative casting shelfDecorative Castings

Decorative corner shelf supports are historical greenhouse elements. This shelf support works well with conservatory style greenhouses. The supports can double as a plant hanger (as shown below).


 Greenhouse Plant Hangers

Decorative hanging baskets are a popular porch item during the summer and can live through the winter in your greenhouse. A variety of plants can be grown year round in hanging baskets within the greenhouse. There are many varieties of hangers offered by Solar Innovations, Inc.

greenhouse truss hangersTruss Hangers

A truss is a structural element that spans the width of the greenhouse and can hold a high quantity of heavy plants.



greenhouse ring collar hangersRing and Collar Hangers

Ring and collars are a type of historical plant hanger that can be adorned with an appliqué and hold medium weight plants in large quantities.


greenhouse aluminum pipe hangersAluminum Pipe Hangers

Aluminum pipe plant hangers are stationary tubes that can hold a large amount of medium to lightweight plants.



greenhouse single rafter hangerSingle Rafter Hanger

Single rafter plant hangers are small hooks placed in rafters to allow the hanging of one light weight plant.



greenhouse sliding hangerSliding Hanger

A sliding plant hanger is designed to slide left and right via trolleys. There are wheels built into the unit that make a plant’s relocation effortless.