Water is an essential element for plants in a greenhouse and needs to be carefully controlled. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers irrigation solutions to avoid problems that may arise from the inability to water plants on a consistent basis. An automatic watering system can regulate the flow of water and nutrients to your plants without you being onsite. There are various system choices available for your selection.

Greenhouse Misting SystemMisting Systems Drip Systems

  • Suspended: System is suspended from the rafters and does not require bench space.
  • Polyrail: A rail is attached to the bench which disperses water through a nozzle.
  • Risers: Individual risers are attached to the bench top. Each riser can be moved to accommodate plant rotation.

Greenhouse Drip System

Drip Systems

A drip system acts somewhat like a soaker hose. A black hose with attached individual drip tubes spans the length of the bench.

Each drip tube is placed into a flower pot. The tubes then supply continuous drops of water into the containers.

Each plant receives the same amount of water. Different pressure rates, or drip rates, are available, and zinc tips keep the tubes secured in the pots.

Greenhouse Fogging SystemFogging

Tropical plants often need 60-80% humidity, which is difficult to achieve without a fogging system.

A fogger produces humidity required to successfully grow your plants without disrupting visibility.

The fan blows water into the greenhouse, produces humidity, and creates a slight fog.


Greenhouse Hose Reel

Hose Reel

Hoses normally take up valuable floor space in a greenhouse and are difficult to manage. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers a retractable hose reel. The reel is mounted to a wall and pivots left and right. Simply tug the hose, and it automatically retracts into the holder, clearing floor space. The unit can be mounted on the exterior or interior of the greenhouses.


Greenhouse Water Features

Water and plants go hand-in-hand. Incorporating a water feature into a greenhouse can have both a practical and decorative use. A water feature is a great way to add character to the greenhouse. Water fountains and bird baths are often used with outdoor landscaping, but they can also be incorporated into a greenhouse. The relaxing sound of running water can be achieved in a greenhouse through the addition of water features.

Ponds are another water feature commonly found in greenhouses. The pond can be an additional medium for growing aquatic plants, such as water lilies, water hyacinths, cannas, and elephant ears. Waterfalls can be designed in conjunction with the pond. Fish can be raised in the pond and will fertilize the plants growing in the water. The water environment will allow you to grow year-round and enjoy an outdoor environment