Greenhouse Types

There are several types of greenhouses available, including seasonal, functional, and plant specific. These greenhouses can then follow nearly any style of design.

English/Traditional Greenhouses

English Greenhouses

An English greenhouse has a specific style and is the epitome of traditional, classical appearance. English greenhouses are highly ornate and are a beautiful and functional addition to any home or business; they immediately draw attention. English greenhouses may include decorative elements such as: dormers, ridge cresting, finials, grids, masonry base walls, or raised panels. Pilasters may also be added to a greenhouse’s exterior for a more formal appearance. A Palladian arch and historically designed gutters are also attractive additions.

The greenhouse’s interior can include crown molding and bar caps in various profile options. Decorative castings are often used as plant hangers. The combination of these enhancements creates a striking English greenhouse.

Contemporary Greenhouses

Contemporary Greenhouse

Contemporary greenhouses consist of large glass areas and clean lines unlike their decorative counterparts. Linear format is often associated with contemporary styles and can be accomplished in modern greenhouses. Mullions are frequently used to achieve horizontal designs.

The greenhouse’s finish can enhance the modern appearance. Popular choices include white, black, and clear anodized, which is often used in industrial settings. Stainless steel cladding can be applied directly to the aluminum frame as well. The interior of the greenhouse achieves a modern flare through the use of flat rafters and commercial grade accessories.