Greenhouse Types: Plant Specific

Citrus Greenhouses

Citrus GreenhouseA citrus greenhouse is a structure where tropical and citrus trees are grown. The original structure was called an orangery, which featured cement or brick walls with windows. Today’s citrus greenhouses are all glass and aluminum. Solar Innovations, Inc. can design citrus greenhouses for specific growing temperature ranges to foster trees such as oranges, mangoes, papaya, guava, kumquats, and an assortment of tropical plants. Citrus greenhouses are typically decorative with traditional styles featuring ridge cresting, finials, and decorative grid work. The interior environment is equipped with benches and climate control accessories like heaters, evaporative coolers, humidifiers, and shading, all of which can be automated.

 Palm Greenhouses

Palm Greenhouse

Growing exotic trees in a greenhouse can be very rewarding. Common selections include palms, citrus, and bonsai. While each tree has different requirements, the basic components are similar; temperature being the major factor. Tropical trees need warm temperatures.

Humidity is a key success factor, thus Solar Innovations, Inc. offers several humidifier options. Circulation fans move air, stabilize humidity levels, and help prevent the spread of disease.

Benches raise plants above the floor, provide exposure to circulating air, and allow for easier observation of plant health.

 Bonsai Greenhouses

Bonsai Greenhouse

Bonsai is an ancient form of art. A bonsai grower may begin their collection in the house, but as the collection grows, it may become time to consider a custom bonsai greenhouse.

Multiple zones can be constructed to accommodate various growing requirements. A zone can be designed for tropical trees with high temperature and humidity, while the evergreen varieties require a separate zone with cool temperatures and dormancy hours.

Benches, humidifiers, circulating fans, and shades are available to create a custom bonsai environment for your specific collection.

 Orchid Greenhouses

Orchid Greenhouse

Solar manufactures greenhouses designed specifically for orchids. Raising these flowers in a residential setting can be challenging, because orchids thrive in humidity above 50%. Certain varieties of orchids require high temperatures, humid environments, and frequent watering; these elements do not lend themselves to window sills.

With Solar Innovations, Inc. greenhouses, multiple zones can be created. Temperature, light range, humidity, and water supply can be precisely monitored by an environmental control system. Circulation fans, humidifiers, shades, and irrigation systems are available to create an ideal environment. Accessories can be automated to accommodate specific orchid needs.