Framing and Finishing

Greenhouse Aluminum Framework

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s aluminum framework is constructed with a thermal break, making it energy efficient while minimizing heating and cooling costs, while protecting the interior from extreme environmental conditions. Aluminum’s durability and strength also allows greater spans and customization than that of traditional wooden structures.

Using aluminum allows for the manufacturing of custom extrusions. Solar Innovations, Inc. also has the ability to integrate smaller I-beams and tubular fixtures in conjunction with trusses to enhance aesthetics.

There are eight stock finishes and multiple metal cladding options available. Textured and aged finishes can be added for a historic appeal. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s greenhouse finishes are virtually maintenance free.

Greenhouse Finishes

Greenhouse Metal Cladding Metal Cladding

Cladding can be added to the exterior of a greenhouse for aesthetic purposes. Copper and bronze claddings are popular additions to historically-styled greenhouses. Stainless Steel cladding is appropriate for a modern greenhouse or coastal applications and will not corrode. The cladding or be used to highlight specific areas




Painted Greenhouse Finish

Paint Finishes

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s greenhouses are offered in many paint finish options. A painted finish is suitable for residential and light commercial projects. The finish will withstand exposure to the elements and is resistant to impact. Custom colors can be created in a high quality fluoropolymer paint finish. An anodized finish is best suited for commercial jobs, due to use, and projects near salt water as it is corrosive. Anodized finishes are designed to withstand these conditions.


Color Options by Solar Innovations, Inc.

Standard Greenhouse Colors

Greenhouse Anodized Colors

Note: Additional color choices are available.