Environmental Controls

A fully functioning greenhouse often has many accessories. The greenhouse can include watering, lighting, heating, ventilation, and various other options. The interior of the greenhouse becomes an ideal plant environment when the accessories work together. Plants will flourish if humidity, temperature, and air circulation are controlled. Solar Innovations, Inc. recommends an environmental control system which can automate the greenhouse to maintain your desired plant levels in order to ease the burden of greenhouse maintenance.

Yale Control Systems greenhouse

Special Features of a Control System

Multiples of the same type of accessory can be grouped together or operated independently. For example, a greenhouse with two ridge vents can be programmed for them to open simultaneously or independently. A staged opening allows ventilation units to open at varying degrees between the fully open and fully closed positions.

The environmental controller works similarly to a residential smart house. This system automatically controls the accessories without additional effort on the part of the owner. Everything will operate from predetermined settings. The ridge vents and windows will automatically open when the greenhouse becomes too hot. The evaporative cooler will start to operate if a desirable temperature is not reached. The same is true for humidity and heating. Watering systems can also be automated.

A software program can be installed on your computer to control the greenhouse’s settings. Daily records can be created and saved for future reference. The software is capable of setting off alarms if the temperature drops too low in winter, and can send an alert to your cellular phone for quicker notification.

An environmental controller can provide the user with peace of mind. There should never be a concern that the greenhouse will overheat, be too dry, or vary beyond the desired temperature range. The gardeners can go to work or on vacation and come home to plants in the same condition. On the commercial side, research details can be recorded and controlled. The environmental controller will make gardening easier and more enjoyable, allowing the gardener to focus on the plants, not the mechanics.

Items an Environmental Controller Will Operategreenhouse thermastats

  • Ridge vents
  • Eave vents
  • Motorized windows
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Circulation fans
  • Grow lights
  • Misting systems
  • Watering systems
  • Shade systems