Doors and Windows

Greenhouse Door Options

Choosing the correct opening for your greenhouse is important. Ask yourself, how wide of an opening will I need? Can plants be easily transported in and out of the structure? Will your door selection accommodate all of your needs?

Terrace and French Doors

greenhouse terrace doorTerrace doors are single swing doors, while French doors are a set of two swinging doors. In greenhouse applications, door heights are sometimes increased to accommodate large plants or equipment. Units can be hinged left or right and swing in or out. Sizes are custom designed to suit your structure. The doors are constructed out of aluminum with insulated, double pane glass..




Arch Top Doors

greenhouse arch top doorAn arch top door has a rounded frame and leaf. The majority of door manufacturers offer a square door with an arched transom, but Solar Innovations, Inc. produces a fully operable, arch top door.






Sliding Glass Doors

greenhouse sliding doorsSliding doors, sometimes called patio doors, can be featured in greenhouses. The doors slide on a track and stack behind a fixed panel or into a pocket.



Door Options

All Glass

greenhouse door - all glass optionThis configuration utilizes a full glass panel, so light is allowed into the room without interruption. This option accentuates modern, simplistic, and contemporary styles.



Full Grids

greenhouse door - full gridsThis configuration consists of grids spread throughout the entire panel. Muntins (grids between glass) offer easy cleaning, while SDLS (interior and exterior applied grids) provide visual depth.



Grid and Base Panel

greenhouse door - grid and base panel optionAn insulated panel is located on the bottom of the door and is typically 36” tall with a raised grid pattern on the panel. Grids are located above the panel and are available in various patterns.



Windows serve as a point of ventilation for greenhouses The orientation and number of windows located in your greenhouse should be carefully planned. If you require assistance in this matter, please contact one of our greenhouse experts for help in planning your window schedule and ventilation.

Awning Windows

awning windowsAn awning window is the most common type used for ventilation. The window is hinged at the top, cranks out, and can be left open during light rain showers. Any water that hits the glass simply runs away from the structure.




 Casement Windows

casement windowsA casement window is a classic greenhouse choice. This window hinges on the left or right and opens like a book. Casements allow for more air circulation than awnings and can be inswing or outswing.





Hopper Windows

hopper windowsA hopper window is an operable window typically used above a door or window to ventilate the greenhouse. A transom can also operate as a hopper window, which tilts outward.







Transom Windows

transom windowsA transom window is located above a door or window and is typically 24” high. Transoms are often fixed windows, but they are available in awning or hopper configurations. Grids can be added or the glass can be etched with a pattern for an ornate appearance.




Grid Patterns

Radius Grids

radius gridsA radius configuration is characterized by a half round grid located in the upper third of the window. The radius diameter differs based on window size.


Double Gothic Grids

double gothic window gridDouble Gothic is a very decorative grid reminiscent of gothic cathedrals. Single Gothic arches are also available.



English Grids

english window gridThe English grid design features two horizontal and two vertical, off center grids. This design complements arts and craft homes as well as contemporary styles.


 Traditional Grids

traditional window gridThe traditional grid consists of multiple horizontal and vertical divisions. The number of simulated lights typically runs between three to five both vertically and horizontally.