Decorative Elements

greenhouse decorative elements

Decorative elements adorn the outside of your greenhouse, and are what make it truly unique to you.

interior muntinInterior Muntins

Internal muntins are the recommended grid selection for greenhouses. These grids allow nearly any pattern and have more convenient cleaning process. The grids do not contribute to dirt accumulation on the glass, because they are between the glass.

greenhouse ridge cresting

Ridge Cresting

A highly decorative design element with a repeating pattern which runs the entire length of the roof’s ridge line.



applied leaded glass

Applied Leaded Grid

A grid pattern is made out of lead and applied to windows to simulate historically accurate divided windows.



Gable Trimgreenhouse gable trim

Runs along the perimeter of the gable end of a structure; also known as rake molding.

Design follows classical crown molding profiles.


greenhouse pallidian arch

Palladian Arch

Available in varying arch and division styles, pediments can be constructed of aluminum glazing bars or grid work.



greenhouse base panel

Base Panel

Decorative raised panels can be used on Solar Innovations, Inc.’s greenhouses and door systems.

A knee wall can be created with base panels for a traditional appearance.

greenhouse gutterGutter

These provide the traditional function of a gutter with a highly decorative appearance.

They are available in several classic profiles, including a crown molding design.

 etched petternEtched Pattern

A decorative pattern is etched into the surface of the glass.

Any number of patterns can be selected to create both modern and classis styles.


greenhouse finial


A decorative ornament that adorns the highest point or end of a roof line, which is also called a spire.