Straight Eave Double Pitch Greenhouses

Straight Eave Double Pitch


Double pitch is a classic shape for greenhouses and is the most common configuration for free-standing units.
It provides a uniform space that is tallest at the ridge. As you determine the roof pitch, keep in mind the surrounding structures, as well as the fact that each plane of the roof can employ a different pitch.One of the gable ends will typically be the attachment point.

Straight Eave Double Pitch Greenhouse

Straight Eave Double Pitch Greenhouse

Straight Lean-to Greenhouses

Straight Eave Lean-to A straight eave, lean-to shape is the most common configuration for greenhouses attached to another structure. They tend to require a smaller investment of materials when compared to a double pitch, but can provide the same interior area. This attached greenhouse allows for direct access during inclement weather. This configuration is an excellent option if you only have a small amount of space. It is equally impressive when used in large spans along a building. An advantage to this shape is the solid rear wall, which can act as thermal storage for solar heat. Many customers modify the back wall with shelving for additional storage.

Straight Lean-to Greenhouse

Straight Lean-to Greenhouse

Curved Eave Double Pitch Greenhouses

Curved Eave Double Pitch

In a curved eave, double pitch configuration, the eaves of the walls are curved and create a modern appearance.

When decorative elements are added to adorn the greenhouse, the aesthetic develops a more classic look, reminiscent of wooden greenhouses of the past.

The curve can begin high on the rafter (shown above) to allow for taller interior elements, or low on the rafter for a more traditional look.

Curved Eave Double Pitch Greenhouse

Curved Eave Double Pitch Greenhouse

Curved Eave Lean-to Greenhouses

Curved Eave Lean-toCurved eave, lean-to walls are curved to create a modern appearance in this attached configuration. Curves can begin high on the rafter to allow for taller interior elements, or low on the rafter for a more traditional look.

Curved eave lean-to greenhouse

Curved Eave Lean-to Greenhouse

Bull Nose Greenhouses

Bull NoseThis roof design includes a double pitch section that tapers into a nose; it is also known as a conservatory nose or Victorian style. The nose typically projects half the width of the structure with six to nine segments comprising the radial shape. The nose part of the design can also be designed as an attached lean-to with no double pitch section; in which case the nose attaches directly to a house. This is another design which is easily equipped with decorative accessories to achieve a design specific aesthetic.

Bull Nose Greenhouses

Bull Nose Greenhouse

Hip End Greenhouses

Hip End ConfigurationA hip end roof is an attractive option, typically selected for its aesthetic qualities. All sides of the roof slope downward to the walls, usually at a gentle pitch, which eliminates gable ends. A hip end is easily adapted to numerous design styles. The size of the structure is smaller than a comparably sized double pitch greenhouse, which can correlate to lower heating and cooling costs. Hip end greenhouses can be attached to a building or constructed as freestanding units.

Hip End Greenhouse

Hip End Greenhouse

Custom Configuration Greenhouses

Custom Greenhouse Configurations

Solar Innovations, Inc. specializes in custom greenhouse configurations. If you have a uniquely shaped project in mind, you have come to the right place. No project is too small or too large and may include: multiple turns, additional walls, or unique accessory operations.

The greenhouse can be designed to fit the shape of your house with valleys, two-story height, or interior dividing walls. Customized testing and engineering are available if necessary.

Many manufacturers set a limit on the placement or number of windows allowed in a greenhouse, but Solar Innovations, Inc. allows you the freedom to incorporate as many windows as you see fit. The same is true for doors, ridge vents, and eave sashes.

If you wish to discuss your custom greenhouse with Solar Innovations, Inc.’s estimators, they can provide a budget for your selections and a sales representative will work with you to refine your structure. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s mission is to provide customers with the best functioning greenhouse imaginable for your investment.

Custom Greenhouses

Custom Configuration Greenhouse